" JJ Group a joint Project of UMAI Star and Rukn Al Buteena Trading underscores the importance of social responsibility and we are committed to exceptional customer relationships, corporate integrity, and global citizenship."

Our Four Major Products!


1We are pleased that we have the ability to provide our customers with consistent and quality graded clothing.  With close attention to details, we have strict grading criteria.


2We have worked closely with our customers to make quality graded shoe packs specifically tailored to our key volume markets in Africa, Central and South America, and Europe.




3We sell used soft toys and used hard toys.  Soft toy loads consist of clean stuffed animals with the larger ones .we are able to continually update our product lines to stay ahead.




4 WE well known as an industry leader in the worldwide in additional to our clothing product lines, offers numerous accessory products as well. Here’s just a few listed below: